During my career as a physio, I’ve had first-hand experience of living with a dog that’s had an operation which in the last year of his life resulted in arthritic changes occurring in the joint and changes having to be made within the home to help him be more comfortable. So I am aware of the stresses and worries that you may have about what can be done but I will be highlighting the small things that can be done that are low cost and effective.

When I’m working with a dog that has arthritis, I pride myself in making sure that they are kept as comfortable as possible and that all sessions are taken at their pace and within their limitations. 

Whether your dog has just been diagnosed, you suspect your dog may have arthritis or it’s been living with it for years, this talk is tailored to you and everyone that attends will be able to take lots home to make those changes be them small or larger lifestyle changes.

When our dogs are feeling unwell or in pain it so upsetting to see, so that’s why its so important that when he/she is diagnosed with a condition such as arthritis we do everything, we can to help them have reduced pain and are comfortable for as long as possible, making everyday count to make as many memories as possible.

Even the smallest of changes can have an impact which could mean that your best friend doesn’t need to have pain relief for as long or things are made differently at home so that your happy dog is present more days than the shell of themselves that some days you see because they are feeling sore or uncomfortable and don’t want to go out on their walks anymore.

The talk is £25 per person and a copy of the recording will be sent out to you. 

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