As the name of my business suggests, I’m passionate about pets and have a real love for helping owners get the best for their pets or fur babies as a lot of us like to call them. I am a physiotherapist and I use manual techniques, visual gait analysis, therapeutic rehabilitation exercises, and electrotherapies to help get the best possible results to enable your pets to feel as amazing as possible, helping dogs with arthritis, horses to move well and be engaged when they are out on hacks or attending local shows plus many more things. 

I pride myself in being compassionate and always being honest with owners on how things are progressing.  I am not afraid to admit I have had many a restless night trying to come up with a solution to a rehab case that isn’t going as we hoped.

Who is physiotherapy for?

Physiotherapy can be beneficial to any animal whether they have had surgery or not.  Sometimes an operation isn’t always viable due to many different reason so as a physiotherapist I can work alongside your vets to come up with a plan to help with the issue. This can be an option for cases such as cruciate ligament ruptures and hip dysplasia but obviously the best option is always surgery.

It can also be beneficial for animals to have maintenance sessions especially horses and ponies so that any issues or problems can be caught in the early stages and treated before they become a major issue that could disrupt the showing sessions or the enjoyment of late evening rides in the summer.

Any animal will benefit from physiotherapy, but it is mainly dogs, cats, and horses that I treat. I have a real passion for helping peoples ‘pets’ as the name of my business suggests and I get great pleasure in being able to help owners get the best for them pets or fur babies as a lot of my clients like to refer to them as.

Physiotherapy isn’t just for the ‘broken’ animals it is also beneficial for the everyday pet that needs a little TLC for that odd little issue to notice when out walking or on that hack where they just don’t seem to be as engaged and not paying attention like they normally do.  Sometimes you don’t want to go to the vets when you know something isn’t quite right, but does it really warrant a visit to the vets.  This is where I can come in and help you to work out if it’s a vet matter or something we can work together to put right.




Vicki Youens

I’ve worked in the rescue sector for over 20 yrs, so I am fully aware of the importance of gaining the trust of your pets so that they feel as safe and comfortable as possible while they are being treated.  My background has also given me the experience and knowledge to work with nervous animals being able to read their body language, knowing when to give them the time and space they may need.  Unfortunately, some rescue dogs I’ve been around have not had the best starts in life and its always so rewarding when they except you and release their fears from the dark times they have experienced, because of this. 

We also have a rescue pony that was very nervous and with time and patience I have gained her trust and she will come up for a fuss and has now allowed me to rug her during the winter which before was totally out of the question.